My Mermaid Spell

PLEASE NOTE: This spell was made up by me, so if it does not work please do not comment; if it does or you are waiting for it to work, feel free to comment or leave logs of your progress in the spell

CAUTION: If you do complain, I will spam/block comments or users

Materials Needed For This Spell-

  1. Candle the colour of the tail you want
  2. Cup of water (bath works better)
  3. Imagination
  4. As much concentration as possible
  5. Desire


  1. Light your candle(s)
  2. Put your hand in the cup of water or get in the bath
  3. (Swim wear is optional)
  4. Imagine yourself as a mermaid with the colour tail and powers you want vividly, and concentrate
  5. Say the spell like you mean it

Spell (x3)-

Mermaid magic come to me. I wish to have the power(s (up to three)) ___. I wish to swim in the deep blue sea. Make me a mermaid by the power of three, and MOTE IT BE!



Mermaid Spell 3

This spell was made up but I hope it works for you-

Materials Needed-






Make sure you are touching the water

Hold you symbol

Say the Spell


Spell- (x3)

Mermaid magic come to me, I would like a tail not to feet. I wish to swim in the sea with all the other mermaids. Fear no more, the gods and goddesses with change me. I want to be a mermaid. Human when dry, mermaid when wet. Shine your beauty upon me and mote it be by the power of three

REAL Mermaid Spell

First: Put Salt In Bath, Do This On Any Day, Have Shells Around Bath, And Have Your Favorite Piece Of Jewlery! You Can Also Go To A Lake Or Beach, Stick Your Foot In The Water And Say The Spell Without A Symbol.

Spell: Put The Piece Of Jewlery In Your Hand And Say This Spell 3 Times! Or Just Say It 3 Times If You Are Sticking Your Foot In The Water.

Ocean Waves And Ocean Breeze Come Upon Me.

Let Me Become What I Wish To Be.

I Want To Swim Far Below And See Coral Grow.

I Want To Breath Under Water.

Air, I Do Not Need Anymore.

Let Me Become A Mermaid/Merman Forever More!

I Wish For A(n) ( Color ) Tail And The Power(s) Of ( The Powers You Want ) Is All I Seek!

I No Longer Want Humanity!

If You Want To Be A Mermaid…You Will NOT Get A Top With Your Tail.

This Spell Will NOT Work Automatically!

It Will Take Approx. 3 Month To 7 Months! Everything Takes Time!

Side Affects:
Itchy Legs
Neck Hurts
Arms Itchy
Feet Turing To A Weird Color
Crossing Legs A LOT
Singing More Than Usual
Legs Sticking Together
Wanting To Drink Lots Of Water
Head Aches
Wanting Lots Of Salt
Stomach Aches
Feels Like There Is A Heart Beat In Your Leg
Mermaid Dreams

If You Have More Side Affects DIFFERENT From The Ones I Listed, Please COMMENT! =) I Would Like To Know If This Spell Is Working Or Not!=)


Hope It Works For You! =)

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